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Merits and Demerits of Using suboxone as an Opioid Addiction Treatment

There is a high number of persons that are struggling with drug addiction. In some places there is a full-blown drug epidemic. Unfortunately, there is a disproportionally low number of addiction treatment centers that are supposed to help people get their life back from addiction. In the event you have a loved one with opioid addiction, you must have come across suboxone. The place where suboxone is used the most is in the treatment of addiction. Its use is still very controversial. This is because using suboxone has both pros and cons. This is the place where you will be able to learn more about the many advantages and disadvantages of using suboxone.

The high effectiveness of suboxone is what makes it advantageous. However, this result can only be obtained when it is used together with other medications. The downside is that when it is used alone, it will not be very effective. The moment the patient uses suboxone and also goes to therapy consistently, then it will work.

If opioid addicts stop using the drugs that they are addicted to they are going to experience some harsh withdrawal symptoms. It has been found that using suboxone has been very helpful in reducing severe withdrawal symptoms. The patients that are able to withstand all the withdrawal symptoms that they face are capable of overcoming the addiction that they have. Since relapsing won’t be likely, these patients can then pursue many other treatment options. The price of suboxone is also fairly affordable to a wide range of people. This means that is accessible to the many people that need it.

One very notable con for using suboxone is that it can lead to more addiction for the patients. If used alone, suboxone has been seen to act as the substitute for the addictive substance. This leads to abuse of medication by patients. Hence, it is has been recommended by so many experts that the only time suboxone should be used is to assist therapy. Also when patients use suboxone, they are likely to experience some insomnia. This can then lead to extreme tiredness and fatigue. The most likely scenario for a patient that goes through these side effects is relapsing. A number of patients have also been seen to experience nausea from using suboxone and as a result, they vomited.

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